Newcastle Military Show

The Newcastle Military show is the North East’s leading outdoor military exhibition and was delighted to be working with the Hoppings fair for 2017. Come along to get up close and personal with military equipment and meet the Regular and Reserve units in your area.

When was it?

Saturday 17th June – 12:30-20:00

Sunday 18th June – 12:30-18:00

What’s happening?

With an array of exciting displays and demonstrations, the Newcastle Military show will give you the unique opportunity to see some of the region’s military equipment up close and personal and find out more about how some of the technology is used in military training and battlefield situations around the world.

Come along and see some of the military’s combat armoured vehicles that are used as part of an Army Regular and Reserve soldier’s training . All the vehicles have seen action in Afghanistan and other campaigns.  Also for the first time ever… the Warrior is coming! There’ll be plenty of activities for the whole family to get involved with. Read on to find out more!

What vehicles will be there?



The Warrior infantry fighting vehicle has the speed and performance to keep up with Challenger 2 main battle tanks over the most difficult terrain, and the firepower and armour to support infantry in the assault. The Warrior family of seven variants of armoured vehicles, which entered service in 1988, has been highly successful for armoured infantry battlegroups in the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo and Iraq. They provide excellent mobility, lethality and survivability for the infantry and have enabled key elements from the Royal Artillery and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to operate effectively within the battlegroup. It also hosts a thermal imager to increase its night-fighting capability.

Warrior infantry command and section vehicles are fitted with a turret mounted 30mm Rarden cannon that will defeat light armoured vehicles out to a range of 1500m, an 8x magnification image-intensifying night sight and eight 94mm light anti-armour weapon HEAT rockets. Warrior variants include artillery observation post vehicle (OPV), command post vehicle (CPV), and a REME recovery and repair vehicle. All variants are equipped with a 7.62mm chain gun. Both chain gun and Rarden cannon have an anti-helicopter capability.

You can also see the RWMIK Land Rover – a lightly-armoured vehicle which serves a number of purposes in the field including convoy escort and fire support. The RWMIK is manned by a team of three and comes equipped with a general purpose machine gun and a grenade launcher.


The MLRS armoured track rocket launcher will also be on display at the show. This multiple rocket launcher has been used in several different countries and is a type of rocket artillery system. The MLRS is a high-mobility, automatic system which can fire up to 12 MLRS rockets in less than 60 seconds.

Alongside these vehicles will be some of the infantry units showcasing military technology such as the Javelin anti-tank weapon – a guided weapon which can be operated by a single infantryman, with lock on capabilities and maximum range of 2,500 meters – this is certainly one not to miss.

Can I get involved?

YES! The Newcastle Military Show 2017 will also be hosting a number of exciting activities for the whole family. You can test your Army fitness on our assault course challenge, your sharp-shooting in our paintball range and test your balance and mental dexterity on our wrecking ball challenge. For all those keen cooks, you will have the opportunity to experience a real military kitchen set-up and bake muffins in the battlefield!

Meet some of the units who help keep the British Army working on a day to day basis – from the Royal Military Police, to the recovery units, who specialise in ensuring that the kit used is maintained and continually developed to keep the British Army at the forefront of Military capability.


The Royal Military Police will be showcasing a police dog display, perfect for all dog lovers out there to see these amazing animals hard at work!

You will have the opportunity to witness first-hand how a field hospital is set up and managed in the field alongside a Parachute regiment operation in battlefield scenarios – keep an eye out for displays running throughout the day!*

Importantly, you can find out from the men and women in the units about the transferable skills they have gained from a part-time role in the Army Reserve and how a role in their local Army Reserve has benefited them.

Find out more

For more information about the Army and the equipment that will be on display, please visit We are also on Facebook and Twitter


*Although the Display Team are highly qualified and capable, there is always the possibility of an unforeseen accident or incident. Spectators who watch the display do so at their own risk with regard to what they witness. No related spectator claims will be supported.