CHILDREN’S RIDES There are attractions to suit all ages. For the little ones, why not have a go on theĀ  cup and saucer ride and the Helter Skelter, just to name a few.

THRILL SEEKERS RIDES For the adrenaline junkies, The Exciter and the Ice Jet will be making an appearance, plus many more rides that will turn your knuckles white.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE The Hoppings 2019 will see the return of many traditional roundstall attractions. Have a go at winning a prize on the hook a duck! Why not treat yourself? Indulge yourself in the delicious food and drink of offer. *ENTRY TO THE HOPPINGS IS FREE. HOWEVER, EACH RIDE IS PRICED INDIVIDUALLY BY THE SHOWMEN THEREFORE, WE ARE UNABLE TO QUOTE ANY EXACT PRICES

FULL LIST OF RIDES RELEASED IN 2019! Don’t forget to print your vouchers for 50p off each ride!