Find all the information you need about where we are, directions to get to us and what time we are open below! Also find links to travel websites and tips to save money. Don’t forget, entry to The Hoppings is FREE!

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Where are we?

Newcastle Town Moor,
Newcastle upon Tyne

Opening Times

Friday 22nd June: 1pm – 11pm

Saturday 23rd June: 12pm – 11pm

Sunday 24th June: 12pm – 11pm

Monday 25th June: 2pm – 11pm

Tuesday 26th June: 2pm – 11pm

Wednesday 27th June: 2pm – 11pm

Thursday 28th June: 2pm – 11pm

Friday 29th June: 2pm – 11pm

Saturday 30th June: 2pm – 11pm


Car Park Opening Times

Friday 22nd June: 12.30pm

Saturday 23rd June: 11.30am

Sunday 24th June: 11.30am

Monday 25th June: 1pm

Tuesday 26th June: 1pm

Wednesday 27th June: 1pm

Thursday 28th June: 1pm

Friday 29th June: 1pm

Saturday 30th June: 1pm

How do you get there?


Access is via the Grandstand Road entrance near the Blue House roundabout.

Parking – there are many parking restrictions in Jesmond and Gosforth, so we strongly recommend that you park on site where it only costs £3 to park all day.


Pedestrians can enter The Hoppings via the main entrance on the Great North Road, via the car parking area on Grandstand Road, or from Claremont Road via Exhibition Park.


You can travel by bus or Metro to The Hoppings.

BUS: Great North Road stops

If you are planning on catching the bus to The Hoppings, Go North East has all the information you need!

METRO: West Jesmond Station

Nexus can give you any travel information you need to get to and from The Hoppings!

Age restrictions

Whatever your age, there are rides to suit everyone. All rides and attractions are individually priced and may have their own unique height and body restrictions.

How to save money

Discount Vouchers for all the rides here!

Stay Safe 

Your safety is our priority.
A fairground superintendent is on duty throughout the duration of The Hoppings. He can be found at the Control Centre next to the main entrance on the Great North Road.

First Aid

Feeling unwell? The First Aid centre can be found in the Portacabins at the main entrance on the Great North Road. St. John’s Ambulance Staff will also be patrolling the site.


Fairground ride operators reserve the right to prevent any passengers from using their ride if they feel that they are under the influence of alcohol on arrival.